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LITHOTHAMNE (200 capsules)

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Lithothamne or LITHOTHAMNUS calcareum

The lithothamne is a small calcareous alga which has the ability to crystallize the calcium but also magnesium, iron and trace elements in sea
It also contains sodium, chlorine, iodine, sulfur, iron, silica, manganese, fluorine, molybdenum, boron, copper, cobalt, nickel, selenium, zinc , Silver, strontium, titanium, and amino acids (proline, lysine), vitamin C, glutamic and aspartic acid and alginates.

This algae is very rich in calcium carbonate, which not only has anti-acids, but also provides calcium in a form perfectly assimilated.

3-6 capsules / day

(475 mg and 400 mg active ingredient)

Pill box of 200 capsules
100% Pure Plant
Capsules of plant origin


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